As a fellow trainer I approached Kristin because of her excellent interpersonal skills, impeccable knowledge base and fun yet functional workouts that I had seen performing in the gym.

She was tasked with helping me address a functional spine issue and she approached the matter with an attention to detail and creativity which made the sessions purposeful, rewarding and enjoyable.

As a testament to her teaching I have adopted many of her techniques for my own clients and I will continue to utilise the content from our initial sessions as part of my regular routines.

I look forward to working with Kristin again because I know she will deliver excellent value, monitor my progress with care and attention and knows how to address each aspect of health and performance.

David Lawrence -  Personal Trainer

Kristin trained me one-on-one for outdoor sessions, Pilates and did amazing postural assessments, as well as massage and specific stretches. She helped eliminate my on-going sciatica when the Chiropractors I saw could not!  Kristin is very passionate, focused, caring and extremely knowledgeable. She has a combination of extensive trainings and certifications, a desire to help, and an insatiable curiosity to always learn more and help clients that is unmatched by any other trainer I have ever worked with. I was so sad when she left San Francisco to move to London!  You couldn't do better than Kristin as an all around personal trainer and life  coach.

L.G - San Francisco, CA

Kristin is an experienced professional with a heart as big as San Francisco. Kristin trained me for 10 plus years before returning to Europe. With her extensive knowledge of anatomy, exercise + fitness Kristin customized workouts that increased my range of motion,  added strength + always made me feel healthier.  Kristin motivated me to maintain flexibility + to continue to workout regularly. Today when exercising I still hear Kristin’s voice instructing me to engage abdominal muscles + to keep my shoulders back. In addition to her fitness credentials Kristin is a huge sweetheart. I miss working out with her + her generous spirit.              

Greg Brill 

San Francisco 

I worked with Kristin for more than ten years and was crushed when she left San Francisco.  She transformed not just my body but my way of thinking about going to the gym and working out.  She brings experience, knowledge and creativity to her training.  I highly recommend Kristin!


San Francisco

I have worked with Kristin - getting massages, mobility sessions and training sessions.  She is very creative and taught me lots of different ways to use the  training machine I had at home. I was able to do many more exercises and had lots more options- which prevented me from getting bored with the training

Amazing massages  and mobility sessions was the most helpful to me - leading me to feel much more mobile and flexible.  Kristin is warm, and engaging, and has a fun personality and a great smile. 

An enriching experience for sure.  I highly recommend working with Kristin.

Bryan Spencer- London 2016

Kristin is the best personal trainer you've never heard of! I trained with her over several months in south London and can honestly say it changed my life and my outlook on exercise forever. Every one of our sessions was built around bespoke exercises that challenged, shaped and strengthened muscles, some that I never even knew existed. Her professionalism is second to none. Kind, patient, but always ready to push that little bit more until you reach your goals. Unlike many other PT's, Kristin looks at the body as a holistic whole, assessing and working intuitively with everything that surrounds the journey to fitness. Where there's a gruelling round of burpees, you'll also find site-specific stretching drawing on years of knowledge and experience, gentle advice on the lifestyle components and the feeling that here is someone that has your back - quite literally, if you try one of Kristin's excellent holistic massages. A trainer at the absolute top of her game. 

JJ - SE London 2017

I wanted to thank you again for the enlightening workshop last Saturday. It was great and I have been doing the exercises every day.

Thank you 

Michiel -  London, UK  2017

I’ve had several personal trainers over the years but Kristin is head and shoulders above the rest. Her experience and knowledge of the  body and how it moves is incredible. She is expert at drawing on lots of different techniques from her 30-year career to create highly tailored training programmes, which is important if you have long term injuries as I have. By working with her I have seen a huge improvement in a long-term shoulder injury I had which limited my mobility quite substantially. And at the same time, my overall fitness and strength have increased significantly. Kristin  works in a very focused way but is also pleasant and easy to be around. I always really look forward to our training sessions.

Gemma Carver, 41, Crystal Palace, London