Kristin  is a fitness coach and m|wod specialist.  

Cirqlefitness offers: 

Strength & fitness conditioning

Fat loss coaching & education

Group and semi private classes

C.H.E.K  fitness and core training

m|wod classes 


Massage Therapy


As an independent fitness professional, Kristin works in homes and outdoors at various locations. She  creates  bespoke fitness programs for clients, focusing on proficiency in all  foundation patterns, increasing strength, flexibility and movement vocabulary.   She provides clients with tools and education on simple, but efficient methods of results focused  training  and habits. In addition to private coaching, she teaches classes and workshops. 


Education, experience and own training in fitness is extensive, having trained with and been educated by highly acclaimed fitness professionals in the US. This  has given Kristin  the opportunity to be highly creative and thorough in her work, providing clients with incredibly useful tools for a  fit lifestyle.

In addition to fitness, Kristin is passionate about education, environment, Tea, growth & human potential, and anything & everything high quality that simplifies and declutters your life.

Please note there is a 24 hour cancellation policy for appointments.